Pandemic Pedagogy

The abrupt shift to online teaching caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged teachers as they educate students remotely. It’s a time of “pandemic pedagogy,” notes educational technology professor Natalie B. Milman.

Teachers across the nation are finding creative ways to use both digital and analog materials as they move online. Publishers must take a cue from these innovative educators by providing new methods of supporting students remotely.

Check out these engaging ideas for K5:

  • Games, puzzles and fun quizzes, which prove useful in motivating students as well as teaching them
  • Online reading logs, which help children keep track of material that they have read or listened to and write about it
  • High-interest reading passages that inspire opportunities for interesting conversations
  • Short, bite-sized passages, photo galleries, and videos instead of long presentations
  • Platforms and software for small-group use so that children can work together online
  • Digital and print resources that allow for commenting so that children can read and comment on other students’ work
  • Art projects, experiments, and other activities that students can easily do at home
  • Assignments combining creativity and online tools that enable students to create podcasts, slide shows, graphs, and the like
  • Printable workbook pages and instructions for activities that can be sent to students by mail
  • Graphic organizers and other self-assessment materials to aid students in tracking their own progress

We’d love to hear from you! What kinds of materials are proving most useful as you craft your own “pandemic pedagogy” experience?

Jump Start Press’s experience in producing engaging, standards-based content inspires our development of educational products for clients. Helping teachers and students celebrate learning remains our goal, whether that learning is remote, in person, or an intriguing blend.


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